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Could engineering be reaching a retirement cliff?

As the issue of talent shortages in STEM skills (science, technology, engineering and maths) continues to rage across the globe, could the engineering sector be facing a retirement cliff as it loses some of its top talent?

Peter Davies, Managing Consultant at Berkley Engineering discusses how more needs to be done to pipeline the future talent. With companies like Siemans recently introducing an engineering education and careers portal for schools as a means of bridging the skills gap, there seems to be a positive future. But is this enough?

To highlight the problem, it was recently estimated that, in America alone, STEM jobs will grow by 17% between 2008 and 2018, compared to just 9.8 percent-growth in non-STEM roles. However, at the current pace, the U.S. simply will not produce enough workers to fill the jobs.

So why is there a STEM gap? In a recent online poll by Our Future Mobility Now, the majority of respondents agreed it is because there isn’t enough promotion of how important STEM skills are in the younger generation. In order to prevent a possible retirement cliff then, there is a need for those in the sector to do more to reach out to the emerging employment generation and educate them on the importance of these skills sets. An initiative like Siemans is a step in the right direction, but more still needs to be done.

For those already established in the industry though, this skills gap means there are more employment opportunities currently available. However it’s important that individuals do not become complacent in their continued skills growth. As more is done to close the gap in emerging STEM talent, current professionals also need to look at continued development themselves to remain competitive. This is perhaps more important in the technology and engineering areas which are constantly evolving. So what can you do to remain a contender in the race for top skills?

Keep up to date

With constant changes and technology updates in the engineering industry, it’s vital that employees receive the relevant training and development to meet new demands and work with new machines. As an individual it’s imperative that you stay ahead of new developments by keeping up to date with industry relevant news and identify any areas where a level of ‘upskilling’ may be needed.

Look at training options

Identify any potential training courses which will help develop your career. The Institute of Engineering and Technology, for example, offer career training and professional development courses to help keep individuals grow their skills. Don’t forget to approach your current employer to gauge any possible training and development they can help with. This would also provide a perfect opportunity to demonstrate your eagerness to progress in your current role and could lead to promotional opportunities.

Keep abreast of changes in education as well. Ultimately, the emerging workforce is likely to have had training in the newest industry developments. The more education and training changes you are aware, the better placed you will be to compete against future candidates.

Utilise your network

It’s also advisable that you make the most of the knowledge base you have to hand through your network. The most valuable competitive advantage individuals in the engineering sector will have against future emerging talent is the experience and connections which have been built up during the course of their career. Make sure you are attending any relevant networking events and liaising with your peers to getting as much industry exposure as possible.

Build your online profile

Finally, look at how you can maximise your online presence to ensure you are visible to the right audience. With social media channels such as LinkedIn and Twitter increasingly being used to source top talent it’s imperative that you have a strong online profile. Make it easy for potential employers to find you by using keywords relevant to your experience, current role and skills.

While it is unclear whether the engineering sector will be able to address the issue of STEM skills gaps before it really starts to see an impact from the retirement cliff, the current workforce need to prepare themselves to compete with a potential influx of emerging talent. By following these tips above, you will be in a stronger position to get some of the best engineering roles out there.

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Peter Davies is Managing Consultant at Berkley Engineering.

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JustEngineers finalists at 2013 Onrec awards

We’re delighted to announce that JustEngineers have been selected as a finalist in the Onrec awards for The Creative Online Marketing Award 2013 by niche category.

The awards which are held by Onrec (The Online Recruitment Resource) are in their 9th year and are firmly marked in the calendar as the industry’s must attend event. Celebrating the success, growth, innovation, talent and achievements within the Online Recruitment Industry, JustEngineers are very pleased to be part of this exciting event!

The award ceremony will take place on the 21st March ’13 at the Grange St. Paul’s Hotel, London.

Other Evenbase brands selected as finalists include,,, and

Click here to find out more information on the Onrec Awards.

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Employment rise could soon see Britain out of the double dip recession according to a report issued by the Mail Online.

With a 1.75 per cent increase in UK employment over the past year compared to the 1.37 per cent growth seen in the US, the UK economy is set to return to growth this week as figures suggest Britain is creating jobs faster than the US.

Whilst employment figures have now risen to 29.59million, the highest we’ve seen since 1971, there are 1.4million people working part-time that are looking for full-time employment.

This much needed growth presents a number of opportunities for recruiters. Here at JustEngineers, we have seen our visitor figures increase by 34 per cent year on year, new registration figures by nearly 50 per cent and the number of clients posting with JustEngineers has grown by 62 per cent.

We are confident this positive trend will continue into 2013 as employment rates continue to rise.

According to the Engineering and Technology Magazine there has been a revival in engineering employment. The Higher Education Careers Services Unit’s (HECSU) What Do Graduates Do? research figures show an increase in employment rates for architecture and building at 65.9 per cent, civil engineering at 62.8 per cent, electrical and electronic engineering at 63.9 per cent and mechanical engineering at 65.6 per cent.

Despite engineering employment being one of the hardest hit industries during the recession, employment rates have increased over the past year and are set to continue, presenting opportunities for both recruiters and candidates.

If you’re looking to advertise your vacancies, or would like to find out how JustEngineers can help you with your recruitment needs contact the team at or call them on 0844 561 9340.

For all our vacancies visit

For the full article visit the Mail Online:

Read more about engineering employment at: Engineering and Technology Magazine

Find out more about the What Do Graduates Do? report.

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MTR Corporation: recruiting rail engineers for new positions in Hong Kong

Working with   and    

Resourcing Solutions are working in joint venture with Hong Kong based rail recruiter Rail Personnel to identify rail engineering talent to facilitate the MTR Corporation in delivering a number of prestigious rail infrastructure projects, namely the West Island Line, South Island Line (East), Express Rail Link (Hong Kong section), Shatin to Central Link and Kwun Tong Line Extension.

Hong Kong is experiencing a great demand for qualified engineering professionals due to the number of major infrastructure projects launched recently or about to be launched.  The MTR Corporation has concurrent new railway projects which have resulted in considerable manpower build-up to a peak of almost 2,700 in 2013.

In view of the massive demand for engineering professionals in the local market and to achieve a blend of international experience, since the end of 2009, the Corporation has been actively exploring resourcing from overseas, i.e. the UK, Taiwan, and Singapore etc.

Taking into account the manpower requirement, particularly in certain scarce disciplines, such as tunnelling, rolling stock, geotechnical etc. a review of the strategy for overseas recruitment has been undertaken to support the MTR’s resourcing activities.

Based on the results of recent consultancy studies which took into consideration the suitability, availability and mobility of resources in major countries with railway construction, the UK was identified as the top priority country for recruiting qualified engineers.

Resourcing Solutions and Rail Personnel have been engaged to identify 30 key positions from the UK engineering industry. There has never been a better opportunity to take the jump and move overseas. Hong Kong has some of the best rail technology and being immersed here will look great on any CV!

With the positive economic outlook, competitive pay rates, low taxes and a climate to match, Hong Kong is the ideal place to relocate.

If you think living in Hong Kong is for you, then visit for a full list of vacancies available.

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Shackleton Duke in Canadian recruitment drive

Shackleton Duke are working with a number of Canadian companies who are looking for British and Irish workers (Single or Family Status) to relocate to Canada for positions in the Oil, Gas and Mining industries.

Our clients include EPC Contractors, Consultancies, and Owner/Operators. We have a range of positions available to expat workers with positions ranging from yearlong contracts to FULL TIME staff positions.

The companies we are working with are looking for British and Irish expats to fill the urgent positions vacant due to the skills shortage in Canada. The Canadian oil and gas industry has been given a large boost by inflating oil prices ensuring the Oil Sands projects are profitable and new projects and expansions are due to increase.

We are looking to speak with:

  • Field/Lead Project Controls Managers
  • Project Services Managers
  • Technical Services Managers
  • Engineering Managers
  • Project Managers/Engineers
  • Cost Control Specialists/Managers
  • Lead Estimators/Estimation Managers
  • Senior Contract Administrators
  • Procurement Managers
  • Field/Lead Planners and Schedulers
  • Contract Managers/QS’s
  • HSE Managers and Risk/Loss Prevention

Visit JustEngineers at for a list of positions available.

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JustEngineers appoints heavyweight director and launches new website

The UK’s leading specialist engineering recruitment site, JustEngineers, today announces a major programme of development – commencing with the appointment of Eric Potts as Managing Director and the launch of new website technology.

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